“Mathematics to empower data”

Research Center for Mathematics of Data

We experience an exponential growth in the volume, speed, and heterogeneity of data generated in all aspects of our social, economic, and technological activities. Its integration and interpretation grows endless in importance when making fast and efficient decisions in a wide range of fields, including healthcare, engineering, finance, pandemic response, climate, and social sciences.

Mathematical and Computer Sciences are responsible for providing the tools needed to handle this massive data flow. This leads to a growing need of both new mathematical and computational methods for modelling, integrating, and managing Big Data, allowing to retrieve and disclose the valuable hidden knowledge data entail.

This scenario constitutes both a great opportunity and an immense challenge. The FAU Research Center for Mathematics of Data – FAU MoD, aims to pool in a coordinated manner the knowledge of researchers from FAU faculties, the Max-Planck-Zentrum für Physik und Medizin, the ADA Lovelace Center at Fraunhofer IIS and, more generally, of the perimeter of FAU, in the great challenge of developing the Mathematics allowing to empower data. This combined expertise and experience constitutes a unique interdisciplinary alliance for academic cooperation and a multidisciplinary environment for training young researchers in this emerging and rapidly evolving field. It optimally combines the skills in Applied Mathematics, Scientific Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science to address the challenges arising in a broad range of research disciplines and various innovative industrial sectors.

FAU MoD aims to contribute to the great challenge of the “Mathematics of Data”, rooted in the Erlangen-Nuremberg metropolitan area, open to global international cooperation.

“Mathematics to empower data”

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